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[Sound on] This is a little known story. Perhaps the tragic ending has made us all forget it. In 1970, a year after the successful Apollo 11 mission, NASA began designing a plan to connect an aerial tramway between the Earth and the Moon. After a few years of work, they started building what scientists and engineers called the "Space Tram". They used the Apollo 14 mission to carry a cable to the moon and it was connected to the earth. 7/24/1974 was the day chosen for the first cable car ride from the Earth to the Moon. On board was Commander Lori, an experienced 46-year-old astronaut. All seemed to be going well, but when the tram car was only 10,000 km from the moon, the cable broke, leaving Commander Lori's car drifting aimlessly through space. Nothing could be done for her. The inertia and the shock of the cable was pulling the commander away from the Earth and the Moon. Houston lost radio contact with Lori a few minutes later; her last words were "I think I'm skipping this stop". Nothing more was ever heard from her. The Space Tramway program was cancelled and the story shrouded in silence. Today I bring you a recreation of what the Space Tramway could have been................……….

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