Together, we spread the knowledge about blockchain over the world.

The Academy provides access to a variety of training materials and resources that boost your organization's proficiency levels and expand to new heights. Join as a partner to have exclusive access to educational tools and more.

We work with

Colleges and Universities
Think Tank
Commercial Organisations
Online Learning Plateforms

Universities & Colleges

Strengthen the Capability of Your Faculty & Community

Student mentorship

Career certificate program in blockchain, crypto, and web3 technology

Free workshops & webinars
Become a Student Ambassador

Begin a successful Web3 career with the proper training and qualifications.

Bring Web3 to the attention of your campus peers

Join events and gain networking opportunities with experts

Think Tank

Joint research and analysis on blockchain

Co-develop research and analysis on Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFT

Prepare your team with the knowledge and skills needed in Web3

Free resources for conferences and seminars

Government & NGOs

Collaborate on expanding blockchain-based learning opportunities

Utilize blockchain technology to assist underserved populations

Policy-making guide to crypto & blockchain education

Accessible in 30+ Languages

Commercial Organisations

Empower Your Teams

Create a learning environment for your organization to boost employee engagement

Organise Blockchain Technical Training Program

24/7 access to learning materials and online training tools

Online Learning Platforms

Prepare your students for the Web3 era

Introductory materials for beginners

Comprehensive crypto reading material for advanced study

Superior education and professional expertise based on blockchain technology

Stories of our Partners & Students

When it comes to crypto education, the Academy hits the mark, providing both the necessary knowledge and context to make the concept understandable. As a student and crypto beginner, this helps me out. Thanks to their webinars and online learning systems, I was able to educate and meet experts from all over the world regardless of region and time.
Evangelos P.
Student, University of Oxford
I began my career in the Web3 industry at the Academy. The cutting-edge curriculum and blockchain certifications I earned made me feel well-equipped for my career path. As's Student Ambassador, I have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for cryptocurrency with others. I am looking forward to working with them on upcoming blockchain-based training and educational initiatives.
Aleksandra B.
Masters Student, University of Toronto provides us with the latest blockchain technology insights and valuable advice from top industry leaders, allowing us to increase our employees' skillsets and overall performance. It was a pleasure to collaborate with their cutting-edge research and development team and learn from each other.
Gavin S.
Founder, Voberts LLC

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