About Us
About Us

World's Leading
Crypto Exchange

To popularize the development and application of cryptocurrency globally. We establish and operate Asia's largest Bitcoin ATM network , and provide over-the-counter exchange, investment in blockchain startups, and hosting cryptocurrency seminars to achieve our goal.

“Live beyond limits”

Our story
Based on the motto: "Live beyond limits", it is the company's belief that cryptocurrency can break through the limitations of the traditional financial system, thus creating endless opportunities and leading everyone to a bright future beyond limits.

The name, CoinUnited.io, represents its support and acknowledgement of multiple cryptocurrencies. It also symbolizes the company's vision of becoming a global leading crypto service provider.

In addition, CoinUnited.io's mission is to build a community that connects and enables mutual development between its clients.
Our Missions

beyond Dreams

Transact Anytime Anywhere
On this planet and beyond
We are not limited by any geographic boundaries, languages, even holidays.

Protect your asset
Without worrying about monetary inflation
We are not limited by centralised banking practices.

Control your own financial transactions
Without worrying about monetary inflation
We are not limited by the actions of financial intermediaries.

Enjoy financial freedom
Great opportunities provided by crypto, a fast-growing asset class of the future
We are not limited by currency depreciation when we own crypto.


We've built a strong community of over a million users around the globe, furthering the reach of digital assets.


Daily Trade
Handling over 5 million trades daily, we ensure seamless transactions in the volatile yet rewarding world of cryptocurrencies


Garnering 30+ awards for excellence, our platform stands as a testament to innovation, reliability, and outstanding service in the vibrant world of digital assets.


Countries served
Offering services across 161 countries, we are a truly global platform, democratizing access to the transformative world of crypto trading.

Our NFT collection

NFT integrates art and technology which is coherent with CoinUnited's vision.

Ready to join our team?

Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution

Our Team

Chief Operating Officer
Since 2016, Tony has been involving in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Being a strong supporter of decentralization finance, Tony has been heavily involved in various kinds of mining activities and project developments.

This experience enables him a close tie with miners and exchanges around the world. With his knowledge and experience in product development, blockchain technology, risk management and big data analysis, Tony is commited to build the CoinUnited.io as a renowned multinational crypto enterprise.
Angus had been a pilot for Cathay Pacific Airways for 10 years. Due to his job nature, Angus travelled extensively around the world. He started to get into Bitcoin about 10 years ago and ascertained that it could solve many of the problems he faced when traveling across borders, including exchange rates and security of funds. From then onward, he firmly believed that cryptocurrencies would be the global trend, he then started to actively invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in 2013. Angus has a degree in mechanical engineering and is an early investor in many cryptocurrencies.  

With the rise of decentralized finance and NFT, Angus and several of his partners who share the same dream founded CoinUnited.io to promote the widespread use of cryptocurrency and NFT to the public, while providing customers with a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency services.
Chief Risk Officer
Ken held a first class honours degree in Quantitative Finance. Having worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand, Ken has extensive experience in the financial markets, especially in public, private, consortium and hybrid blockchains. He masters many programming languages including Solidity, Rust and Vyper etc.

Being the Chief Risk Officer, Ken is responsible for the Risk Management and the Venture Capital businesses, by formulating the risk management protocols as well as the evaluation of the Venture Capital's projects. Ken has been contributing significantly to the rapid development of the business across Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.
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